25 Apr 2014

History - Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in north-western India, and offers much for those looking to see the Himalayas. While it does not claim the highest points in the range, there is plenty to do aside from mountaineering. Its name literally means "Abode of Snow". Himachal Pradesh is deservedly sought out by adventure lovers. Alternatively, Himachal Pradesh provides a refreshing escape for those who are craving crisp mountain air. (A lot of population living in rural area, Almomost 87% population living in Rural area.) agricultre is the main business of these peoples.

HP was founded in 1948 as a Chief Commissioner's Province within the Union of India. Dr.Yashwant Singh Parmar was the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh & he was also the founder of the state Himachal Pradesh.