28 Jun 2016

Jwala Ji Temple - Best Temple in Himachal Pradesh

Jwala Ji temple is located in Jwalamukhi town of district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. It is 34Km far from Kangra. This holy place is located in the lower Himalayas in Jwalamukhi town. According to the legend, when made Sati’s body is divided into 51 parts, then Sati Mata’s tongue fell in this place. The number of flames usually either seven (for the seven divine sisters) or nine (for the nine Durgas). This temple is constructed as four cornered, with a small dome on the top of the temple and  the square central pit of hollowed stone inside where the main flame burns continuously.

Maa Jwala Ji Temple

This temple is as old as Vaishno Devi temple. It is also mentioned in Mahabharata & other scriptures. In his temple, the flames are continuing burn inside the cave. Some say that there are seven or nine flames or the seven divine sisters & nine Durgas. It is here that the Sati Mata’s tongue fell which is seen in the form of flames. 

Every year there is a big fair in Navratras. During Navratri, there is a great crowd. Pilgrims often visits this shrine temple. It believes that who wishes or prays something from Jwala Mata , the goddess always fulfills the wishes of their devotees. Devotees offer coconut, bangles, sindoor & halwa  to the Goddess Jwala Mata. 

Maa Jwala Ji Temple

In the temple, there is a tight security for the safety of people or pilgrims. In the entire campus, there are many CCTV camera installed for the security purpose. There is a big langar hall for the devotees. Langar cooked by the Brahman cook . First of all the food would be offered to the goddess after that it is distributed to the public. There are also taps installs on the way to the temple for devotees to provide drinking water. Toilets are also made for the public on the way. People always come their with families & take the blessings of the Goddess Jwala Maa. 

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This holy place is very beautiful & peaceful. There are so many shops on the way to the temple. In these shops, people get Prasad (coconut, halwa, bangles, red dupatta & fulliyan etc) . People also get audio video cassettes, DVD's , photo of Goddess Jwala Mata,  Durga Mata and much more. They also get in these shops religious books. This place is very holy place & also Jwala Mata fulfill the wishes & blessed their children with her blessings.

Maa Jwala Ji Temple Kangra

So, whenever you visit the Himachal Pradesh must visit this holy place & blessed with the blessing of Goddess Jwala  Mata.