7 Jul 2016

The Best Place to Visit Shimla - Jakhu Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Jakhu Temple Shimla - Himachal PradeshJakhu temple, the temple of Lord Hanuman is situated in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. In this temple, you can easily reach via bus, train, taxi & flight. The distance of Shimla from Chandigarh is approximately 118Km & from Delhi it is 370Km. The nearest airport is at 26Km from Shimla. So, you can easily reach Shimla via national highway. There is a continuous bus service from Delhi & Chandigarh to Shimla. 

Jakhu temple , the temple of Lord Hanuman is situated on the top of the Jakhu hills. It is the famous temple dedicated to the monkey god. As it is situated on the top of the Jakhu temple, so there is a trekking of 2Km from the Ridge of Mall road Shimla. There is a steep climb trekking up to the temple of 2Km. You can also take a horse ride or pony up to the temple. The environment of this place is very pleasant. The trekking area is covered with deodar trees. As it is the temple of the monkey god, so you can see here a lot of monkeys. The environment of the temple is very peaceful. In this temple not only pilgrims or devotees come but tourists also visit this temple.

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Near this temple a huge statue of Lord Hanuman, which is the world’s tallest statue at 108 feet at the highest altitude of over 8100 feet . It is constructed at a cost of rupees 1.5Cr. Also, there is a campus built in which people can spend time with their families. A park  for children is also built here. 

World's Tallest Statue of Lord Hanuman - Jakhu Temple
It is said that, while there was a battle between Lord Rama & Ravana at Lanka. Then the Lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshmana got injured from an arrow from Meghnad and became senseless. After applying numerous efforts the Lakshmana didn’t cure. Then a priest diagnosed him and said that he needed a particular Sanjeevani herb from Himalaya to cure Lakshmana. In order to save his life then Hanuman was moving towards Himalaya to find out Sanjeevani herb. All of sudden he saw the Yaaku sage on the Jakhu mountain in penance. This place was named Jakhu , after the same sage. In order to collect more information about Sanjeevani herb, Lord Hanuman landed to the Jakhu hill. As a result, the Jakhu mountain cannot bear the weight of Lord Hanuman & half of its part get sunk into the earth, as earlier it was too high. After getting the information about Sanjeevani herb the lord Hanuman started his journey towards mountain Dron. Lord Hanuman also promised to the Sage Yaaku to meet him during his back journey. But during his back journey, he had returned to Lanka via a shorter route. The Yaaku sage, who was waiting for lord Hanuman got very sad. Hanuman didn’t want to make sage unhappy. So he appeared before the Sage Yaaku & told him the reason for not keeping his promise. As Hanuman disappeared, an idol of lord Hanuman appeared itself & till present in the temple. His temple has been built around the space that is supposed to have the footprints of Hanuman. 

Jakhu is a hotspot for monkeys who roaming here in  large number. Monkeys accept eatables that are given to them by tourists & devotees. These monkeys are very peaceful but if provoked can be very dangerous too. Please don’t carry anything in your hands, just follow the path & don’t pay attention to the monkeys. Otherwise, they snatch things from your hands & also tries to check your pockets. So, please for your safety don’t pay attention to the monkey.  

Jakhu Temple Shimla

Every year a big festival is held in this temple on Dussehra. As this temple is situated on the top of Jakhu hill, so you can experience the very beautiful view from here. The Jakhu hill offers superb views of sunrise, sunset, mountains & town. The hill is full of narrow paths & roads which are enjoyable walks. So, whenever you visit the Shimla, Himachal Pradesh must visit this temple & also share the experience.