27 Sep 2016

Do You Know How To Choose The Name of a Child?

In  Vedas, there is a rule to be put a name of a newborn. Name of the child is not an ordinary practice. As our modern life, we put the names without consulting our old and wise people, which may effect on the personality of the person having the name.  According to ancient scriptures assign great significance to one’s name. The name denotes the sound form of a person. According to Hindu sacred books, a person has two forms, physical and sonic. The two have to be in harmony with each other for the good of the person. If the physical form of a man is different from the sonic form, it creates negative effects for him. Therefore, both forms should be compatible. As the saying goes, ‘There is a lot in a name’.  Even the famous actor Shahid Kapur put her daughter’s name after consulting their Gurus in the combination of his wife Mira and only after their Guru’s acceptance they put the name ‘Misha’.

According to Vedas, we celebrate a special ceremony ‘Namakaran’ to name a newborn within six days of birth. On the birth of the child, his Janma-Kundali or birth chart was drawn according to the placement of stars and planets at the time of his birth. The birth chart chalked out thus indicated the letters in the alphabet whose sound waves were in accord with the physical form of the infant. Once the letters were determined by qualified Astrologers or Gurus , the infant was given a name that was auspicious, well-meaning and appropriate with the first letter of the name being on the letters determined by the Pandit.
According to the science behind the Namakaran Ceremony was that each time the child would be addressed by his/her name, the sound form with its latent energy and meaning would accordingly impact the child. Repeating a name has a definite effect according to the science of acoustics. Good names will have an agreeable effect and bad ones adverse. Name of Gods and spiritual names always have a pleasant effect because their physical and sound forms are consistent and non-different. That is why mantras are repeated a thousand times for the desired results. The chanting of God's names is quite influential because the power of God's is latent in them.

You can also observe that even now people avoid naming their child on the bad character of our history life Ravan, Kans etc. However, in modern society, the scant significance is accorded while naming a newborn child. Fanciful names or names having no meaning are given to children. More often parents don’t consider the meaning of the names before naming the child. The child may face adversity at every turn of his life. No wonder, people are now seen changing spellings of their names to create vibrations for their success in life. There was a time when children were named Rama, Krishna, Shravana, Sita, Savita, but today we name them Rocky, Vicky, Babli. The fault is of the age we live in. There are some restrictions in Vedas to put the name on rivers, mountains, or planets. Now there are hardly any true Pandits who can rightly draw a birth chart because the science of naming is more or less lost. But we should remember there is a lot in the name.

17 Sep 2016

Shradh – The Hindu Rituals

Shradh is celebrated the period between the full moon and new moon night of the month of Ashwina (sept.- October) for the departed souls of our forefathers. In our Hindu society, we are always grateful and respectful to our elders. In Vedas and Hindu scriptures there are three Rins or Debts, first one is towards Dev Rin means thankful of the favours  of Gods and mother nature, second towards our teachers and guru i.e. rishi – rin and the third one is pitri-rin, the debt one owes to one’s ancestors. If you consider the above three Rins you can well evaluate that all Rins towards the help offered to us for learning and teaching of our lives. Everything that helps mankind should be revered and preserved. Nature gives light, air, water, food and habitat without asking. For such grace and blessing of nature, we pay back this debt by holding regular havans to detoxify and keep the air pollution-free, planting and saving trees. Similarly, we repay the rishi-rin by following the ancient customs and tradition, as the gurus are the foundation of the society.


In the same way, we owe a debt to our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. After all because of them, we are in this world and in our genes, there are parts of their genes and blood. They taught us how to live in this world. Their contribution is indeed a debt which we must pay back.  Ancient books assert that when soul departed from this world remain to touched with their families and live lower heaven called the Pitriloka in the form of Pinda or ball-like form. To show our respect and love we do regular Tarpan and Arpan. ‘Tarpan’ means offering water and ‘Arpan’ means preparing dishes that is deceased person relished and offering the same to true Brahmin on the day of the Shraadh. A ball of boiled rice mixed with jwar or millet flour, black sesame, and kusha grass is also offered to birds in the form of panda or immersed into some flowing holy water.

As a thanksgiving gesture, Hindus propitiate their ancestors during Shradh Paksha and its importance is written even in Manusmriti and Mahabharata. It is believed that during the fortnight of the waning moon of the Ashwina maas, the astral bodies of ancestors leave their abode, the pitriloka, to spend the fortnight in their descendants’ homes in Prithviloka or earth and expect them to tarpan. According to astrologically and astronomically the earth is closest to the moon during these fifteen days, all offerings reach our ancestors quickly. Scientifically the period between 14 July and 13 January is known as dakshinayan or lack of sun. during these months of the year, the sun is below the equator. From 13th January the sun starts its northward journey. It is believed that the period refers to a negative state of mind. During this period no auspicious event is held by the Hindus including marriages.


Astrologically, the importance of the place Gaya, Bihar is due to its geo-location on this planet, where is believed if panda dana is successfully done no need to perform the ritual thereafter. The only ritual that has to be performed is ‘remembrance’ on the shradh day by doing some charity in their name. The main aim to celebrate the ‘Shradh’ to remember our forefathers and be grateful to them.

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14 Sep 2016

Procedure & Benefits of Offering Water to Sun

The very ancient tradition in Hindus is to offer the water (Jal) in the morning to the rising God Sun. Offering water to the God Sun has a scientific effect to our body. Our body has a great need of colors. Many of us know that several parts of the human body have different colors. Our nerves are blue, the heart is red, kidneys and pancreas are brownish, the bones are white and the brain nerves are in rainbow colors. Offering water to Sun  brings wellness of our different part of the body. 

The rays of the sun are white, but when passed through the water, they got broken into their basic colors just like the rainbow made. When we offer the water to the Sun in a prescribed manner, the sheet of water falling onto the ground works as a medium to split the sun’s rays into a spectrum of colors and enters our body to benefit us. 

The correct manner to offer the water to the Sun, you must stand still facing the sun with the vessel full of water. Hold the vessel at a level between the sun and your eyes. Then pour out the water slowly to the ground, allowing the sun’s rays to pass through the sheet of water falling on the ground. Sun rays while passing through the offered water, will break into their basic colors and fall on the face and thus enter the body of the person offering  to benefit him spiritually as well as physically. Receiving solar energy in this manner taps a natural source of Mother Nature for our benefit, with no side effects. However, science proves that ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy the bacteria of several deadly diseases. Our Vedas prescribed mantras to chant while offering water to Sun God.


In Astrology the Sun is symbolic of one’s eyes , soul and father, therefore offering water to Surya mitigates past life karma, ill deeds done against one’s father. Much more it improves the eyesight's too by worshiping the sun God, Surya. Thus the prayer to God Sun is totally benefited human being spiritually as well as physically. 

9 Sep 2016

Top 10 Online Sites for Mobile & DTH Recharge

As we know there is a great demand of internet in today’s era. With the help of the internet, our life becomes more luxurious. Because we fulfill our daily need on easy ways when I sit at home like we paid mobile bills, online recharge, landline bill, DTH recharge, online shopping etc.
Now come on topic, yes our today topic about online recharge sites. I know most of the peoples already know about these sites & do online recharge from these sites. But maybe some users are not aware of these sites and don’t take the benefits from these sites because some users afraid about these sites & they think that this may be some fraud, scam etc. 

By using online recharge site we can easily do recharge without wastage of time. We can also save money by using these recharge sites because these sites also offer online coupons and discounted coupons. These offers may be up to 10% - 70% or sometimes it may be more than this. It depends on the user, is it new or old. Some site gives extra offers to the new user and some prefer his old user. 
Interesting thing is that some recharge sites also offers Electricity bill, Landline bill, Dish recharge, Gas bill  facility, mobile recharge facility. Today I will share a list of different recharge sites so that you can easily found these sites in together.  You don't afraid about any fraud because  these online mobile recharge sites are top level’s site & also safe and secures.            

Here is the list of best online mobile recharge sites:

1). Paytm:

     Founded: 2010
     Founder: Vijay Shekhar Sharma
     CEO: Vijay Shekhar Sharma


Paytm is an online recharge cum E-commerce site. You can do any mobile recharge by using this site such as Airtel recharge, Vodafone bill, Tata Docomo, BSNL recharge, Reliance & idea etc. The important thing is that this site is very safe & secure and a large number of users use this sites. It is one of the best & no 1 website in India. Paytm offers various coupons and by using these coupons we can be done our recharge with less amount. 

2). FreeCharge

     Founded: 2010
     Founder: Kunal Shah, Sandeep Tando
     CEO: Govind Rajan.

FreeCharge is also one of the best Indian website for Mobile recharge, Dish recharge & also an E-Commerce site. We can pay our prepaid & postpaid mobile bill, electricity bill, landline bill, Data card bill & metro bill by using this site. We can also get discount coupons on this site like other sites. For payment method, you need to use a credit card, net banking or debit card. 

3). Recharge It Now

     Founded: 2008
     Founder: Sharat Jain
     CEO: Sharat Jain


RechargeItNow is a top Indian recharge site & an E-Commerce site. We can pay here our mobile bill, DTH & Data card recharge of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance, Bsnl, Tata Docomo,Tata Sky,Videocon & Dish TV etc.

4). MobiKwik

    Founded: 2009
    Founder: Bipin Preet Singh
    CEO: Upasana Taku, Bipin Preet Singh 


Pay your Electricity bill, DTH bill, Water bill, Insurance Bill, Bus tickets booking etc. with using MobiKwik. This site also provides cashback offers so you can also receive a discount on your recharge & bills. While using this site no need to worry about your ATM card & debit card because this is a safe & secure site.   

5). JustRechargeIt

    Founded: February 2011
    Founder: JRI Technologies

JustRechrgeIt site is 100% safe & secure site. You can pay your prepaid, postpaid mobile phone bill, DTH bills by using it. 

6). EasyMobileRecharge

    Founded: 2010
    Founder: Abhishek
    CEO: Vijay Shekhar Sharma 

7). RechargeGuru

8). AnyTimeRecharge

9). FastRecharge

10). GoRecharge

Dear friends, I have prepared this list after checked a lot of websites. I hope it will help you and you will also like this list. If you know any more good websites that you want to add to this list then, please send it through comments. Your contribution makes this post more awesome and helpful. 

I hope you will like this post if yes then please share this post on social profile. So that it should be useful to other readers also . 

5 Sep 2016

Happy Teacher's Day 2016

Today is the precious day of honouring and celebrating the teachers (5th September) who play the vital role in our lives. In our lives, the teacher role is as important as the mother. In fact, the mother is also considering as the first teacher. 5th Sept. is the birth anniversary of our former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji and our nation tribute him to celebrate his birthday as "Teacher's Day". He had the brilliant personality, can read and write frequently many languages with his right and left hand fluently.

Like a mother only the teacher is the person, who selflessly enlighten the path of his students and wants to see them on the high peak of the success. Teachers work hard and receive the least recognitions and award of his hard work. From the ancient times, we taught us to respect the teachers. It’s the way that God himself cannot reach us to teach the right and wrong of lives, therefore he creates teachers to teach the value of lives. The respect and the love of teachers only grow with time and never fade with time.  It is said that if God and Teacher appear before you, you have to bow first to your guru as he is the one who shows you the path to meet the God.  The teacher may be strict, angry, and critical but deep inside he/she is full of love and affection having the courage to give his or her enlightenment the treasure of education to his / her disciples to grow and reach the success. The teachers’ effort goes a long way in producing a strong nation. Our Prime Minister Sh. Modi Ji still finds a hand written letter from his former principal on the monthly basis to advice and analysis of his work. That is what the teacher and student relation in a true manner. Never ending and never stopping.

The changing world of modernity and technology may change the teacher-student scenario but an innate bond of this wonderful relation is ever warming, loving and respectful till the life goes on this earth.  Lets today take some time from our busy schedule and thanks, those wonderful people who have made us whatever we are now. 

2 Sep 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi - The Hindus Festival

The upcoming festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is the most popular festival in Hindus celebrated in the honor of Lord Ganesha, also called Vinayak Chathurthi.  With great faith, people celebrate the festival  of Lord Ganesha to start the new activity without any obstacle. On the fourth day of Badhrapada (Shukal Chathurthi)  in the Hindu calendar, the festival is started traditionally for ten days and ended on the fourteenth day on Ananth Chaturdashi.

This festival is celebrated publically and in homes by almost all the parts of India. But in the Maharashtra and Gujrat,  the festival is celebrated with the great bang. Though Karnataka, Odisha, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Nepal and in abroad Canada all Hindus celebrated the festival with great enthusiasms. Delhi as the capital of India, also enjoying this festival with full of rituals.

The festival is celebrated with great zeal in public pandals by installing the clay deities of Lord Ganesha and in homes a small or accordance to the size the clay deities installed and worshiped by families, friends, and neighbors.  At the end of the festival the clay deity of the God Immersed in the water body such as sea, river or lake. The clay is disintegrated over the time period. All devotees pray to Lord Ganesha that their obstacles and miseries may be taken by the Lord and next year he shall come to their home again with prosperity.

A public celebration is mostly done by the help of collecting funds from neighborhood and shops. Puja started with “Padya puja”.  The priests do the “ Prana Prtishtha” invite the Lord Ganesha in the deity. Then the puja started offering the lord Modaka, Jaggery, Dhruv grass, Red flowers (hibiscus flowers). Arti is performed daily morning and in the evening with the gathering of public. In Domestic puja the family installed the Ganesh Deity for 1, 1 ½. 3, 5, 7 or 11 days as per choice. Morning and evening aarti would be done in the presence of relatives and friends. Modaka and Kranaji are the main dishes offer to God. At the end, the deity would be brought to the body of water. All would be enjoying the Hymns and songs with Gulals.

The history of the festival is since the era of Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire. The Peshwas encouraged the festival but with the fall of Peshwas the festival was limited to the household festival till the social reformer Lokmanya Tilak again encourages the festival in public.

The Most serious impact of the festival on water pollution is due to the immersion of deities in water bodies. The Idol made from chemicals polluted the water bodies. Now awareness campaign of Government and public, they return to tradition and making the idols from nature-friendly materials like clay. The offerings are now demerged in ground and become the composed minerals for plants. Also to use only a bucket of water to immerse the idol and when the clay is melted in it the water will give to plants are the real meaningful and beneficiary to nature of this festival. 

Let's welcome the festival of Lord Ganesha and pray the prosperity for all human beings. Ganapathi Bapa Maurya!!

1 Sep 2016

The Story of God Ganesha

Lord Ganesha means king of Ganesh or earthly deities. He is also called ‘Vigneshwara’ means dispeller of obstacles.

According to legends, Lord Ganesha was born from the peel off the waste from her mother Goddess Parvati. This goes to show that Ganesha is associated with the element of earth. Lord Ganesha is the lord of the earth just like Vishnu is the lord of Vaikuntha. For this reason , priests use a lamp of the earth (diya) in lieu of  the image of Ganesha during certain rituals. It is strongly believed that without the blessing of Lord Ganesha any work done on earth is not successful. Also, it is stated that all earthly beings used word language but God and Goddess who live in above use light(Prakash) language and only Lord Ganesha would convert the language of words to Prakash bhasha. So our requests and worships reach of all Gods through him. Also as the Lord Ganesha is the Lord of earth, he rules on all ten directions and without his consent, not any blessings can enter to earth.

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Ganesha has two wives Riddhi and Siddhi and two sons Subha and Labha. People often write their names on the account books. It is strongly believed that when Lord Ganesha’s idols are immersed after ten days of puja, he carries away with him all the misfortune of his devotees.

Lord Ganesha is the root Lord and connected to earth, as the center of energy’s color is red, therefore the offering to Ganesha is Red. To get his blessings offer him Red flowers, red cloth, and red sandalwood paste.