27 Sep 2016

Do You Know How To Choose The Name of a Child?

In  Vedas, there is a rule to be put a name of a newborn. Name of the child is not an ordinary practice. As our modern life, we put the names without consulting our old and wise people, which may effect on the personality of the person having the name.  According to ancient scriptures assign great significance to one’s name. The name denotes the sound form of a person. According to Hindu sacred books, a person has two forms, physical and sonic. The two have to be in harmony with each other for the good of the person. If the physical form of a man is different from the sonic form, it creates negative effects for him. Therefore, both forms should be compatible. As the saying goes, ‘There is a lot in a name’.  Even the famous actor Shahid Kapur put her daughter’s name after consulting their Gurus in the combination of his wife Mira and only after their Guru’s acceptance they put the name ‘Misha’.

According to Vedas, we celebrate a special ceremony ‘Namakaran’ to name a newborn within six days of birth. On the birth of the child, his Janma-Kundali or birth chart was drawn according to the placement of stars and planets at the time of his birth. The birth chart chalked out thus indicated the letters in the alphabet whose sound waves were in accord with the physical form of the infant. Once the letters were determined by qualified Astrologers or Gurus , the infant was given a name that was auspicious, well-meaning and appropriate with the first letter of the name being on the letters determined by the Pandit.
According to the science behind the Namakaran Ceremony was that each time the child would be addressed by his/her name, the sound form with its latent energy and meaning would accordingly impact the child. Repeating a name has a definite effect according to the science of acoustics. Good names will have an agreeable effect and bad ones adverse. Name of Gods and spiritual names always have a pleasant effect because their physical and sound forms are consistent and non-different. That is why mantras are repeated a thousand times for the desired results. The chanting of God's names is quite influential because the power of God's is latent in them.

You can also observe that even now people avoid naming their child on the bad character of our history life Ravan, Kans etc. However, in modern society, the scant significance is accorded while naming a newborn child. Fanciful names or names having no meaning are given to children. More often parents don’t consider the meaning of the names before naming the child. The child may face adversity at every turn of his life. No wonder, people are now seen changing spellings of their names to create vibrations for their success in life. There was a time when children were named Rama, Krishna, Shravana, Sita, Savita, but today we name them Rocky, Vicky, Babli. The fault is of the age we live in. There are some restrictions in Vedas to put the name on rivers, mountains, or planets. Now there are hardly any true Pandits who can rightly draw a birth chart because the science of naming is more or less lost. But we should remember there is a lot in the name.