1 Sep 2016

The Story of God Ganesha

Lord Ganesha means king of Ganesh or earthly deities. He is also called ‘Vigneshwara’ means dispeller of obstacles.

According to legends, Lord Ganesha was born from the peel off the waste from her mother Goddess Parvati. This goes to show that Ganesha is associated with the element of earth. Lord Ganesha is the lord of the earth just like Vishnu is the lord of Vaikuntha. For this reason , priests use a lamp of the earth (diya) in lieu of  the image of Ganesha during certain rituals. It is strongly believed that without the blessing of Lord Ganesha any work done on earth is not successful. Also, it is stated that all earthly beings used word language but God and Goddess who live in above use light(Prakash) language and only Lord Ganesha would convert the language of words to Prakash bhasha. So our requests and worships reach of all Gods through him. Also as the Lord Ganesha is the Lord of earth, he rules on all ten directions and without his consent, not any blessings can enter to earth.

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Ganesha has two wives Riddhi and Siddhi and two sons Subha and Labha. People often write their names on the account books. It is strongly believed that when Lord Ganesha’s idols are immersed after ten days of puja, he carries away with him all the misfortune of his devotees.

Lord Ganesha is the root Lord and connected to earth, as the center of energy’s color is red, therefore the offering to Ganesha is Red. To get his blessings offer him Red flowers, red cloth, and red sandalwood paste.