14 Sep 2016

Procedure & Benefits of Offering Water to Sun

The very ancient tradition in Hindus is to offer the water (Jal) in the morning to the rising God Sun. Offering water to the God Sun has a scientific effect to our body. Our body has a great need of colors. Many of us know that several parts of the human body have different colors. Our nerves are blue, the heart is red, kidneys and pancreas are brownish, the bones are white and the brain nerves are in rainbow colors. Offering water to Sun  brings wellness of our different part of the body. 

The rays of the sun are white, but when passed through the water, they got broken into their basic colors just like the rainbow made. When we offer the water to the Sun in a prescribed manner, the sheet of water falling onto the ground works as a medium to split the sun’s rays into a spectrum of colors and enters our body to benefit us. 

The correct manner to offer the water to the Sun, you must stand still facing the sun with the vessel full of water. Hold the vessel at a level between the sun and your eyes. Then pour out the water slowly to the ground, allowing the sun’s rays to pass through the sheet of water falling on the ground. Sun rays while passing through the offered water, will break into their basic colors and fall on the face and thus enter the body of the person offering  to benefit him spiritually as well as physically. Receiving solar energy in this manner taps a natural source of Mother Nature for our benefit, with no side effects. However, science proves that ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy the bacteria of several deadly diseases. Our Vedas prescribed mantras to chant while offering water to Sun God.


In Astrology the Sun is symbolic of one’s eyes , soul and father, therefore offering water to Surya mitigates past life karma, ill deeds done against one’s father. Much more it improves the eyesight's too by worshiping the sun God, Surya. Thus the prayer to God Sun is totally benefited human being spiritually as well as physically. 


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