5 Sep 2016

Happy Teacher's Day 2016

Today is the precious day of honouring and celebrating the teachers (5th September) who play the vital role in our lives. In our lives, the teacher role is as important as the mother. In fact, the mother is also considering as the first teacher. 5th Sept. is the birth anniversary of our former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji and our nation tribute him to celebrate his birthday as "Teacher's Day". He had the brilliant personality, can read and write frequently many languages with his right and left hand fluently.

Like a mother only the teacher is the person, who selflessly enlighten the path of his students and wants to see them on the high peak of the success. Teachers work hard and receive the least recognitions and award of his hard work. From the ancient times, we taught us to respect the teachers. It’s the way that God himself cannot reach us to teach the right and wrong of lives, therefore he creates teachers to teach the value of lives. The respect and the love of teachers only grow with time and never fade with time.  It is said that if God and Teacher appear before you, you have to bow first to your guru as he is the one who shows you the path to meet the God.  The teacher may be strict, angry, and critical but deep inside he/she is full of love and affection having the courage to give his or her enlightenment the treasure of education to his / her disciples to grow and reach the success. The teachers’ effort goes a long way in producing a strong nation. Our Prime Minister Sh. Modi Ji still finds a hand written letter from his former principal on the monthly basis to advice and analysis of his work. That is what the teacher and student relation in a true manner. Never ending and never stopping.

The changing world of modernity and technology may change the teacher-student scenario but an innate bond of this wonderful relation is ever warming, loving and respectful till the life goes on this earth.  Lets today take some time from our busy schedule and thanks, those wonderful people who have made us whatever we are now.