23 Oct 2016

Grammarly Review - Is it Best Grammar Checker Tool?

What is Grammarly?

In online writing, it is important to check whether you have written grammar free content or not. If you go via manual verification, it takes a long time to get it verified. In order to accomplish this, there are several online tools such as Grammarly checker. It ensures everything you type is easy to read or effective or mistake free.


What Are The Features Provided By Grammarly Checker?
Grammarly checker provides a number of features such as,
  • Error elimination
  • Clarity enhancement and meaning retrieval
  • Gives You Ability to upload content in any place

Error Elimination:

It is capable of correcting more than 250 types of grammar mistakes. It is also able to correct spelling errors and the inappropriate presence of vocabulary in content.

Enhancing Clarity To Content:

As it comes with synonym suggestions, it is described as the right place to check content every time.

Ability To Check Content In Anytime:

It is always available and thus after completion of content writing, you can check anytime you want.

Upload Content in Anywhere:

In order to upload content as grammar free in any kind of social media, your content should be grammar free or error free. Whatever may be your content, you can check at Grammarly checker.

Step By Step Guide for How to use Grammarly:

In order to use Grammarly checker, you need to initially get a membership. It is achieved through the login procedure.
  • Enter E-Mail
  • Enter Password
As you finished up two steps, you will be lifted into the page at which you can upload your verifiable content. During the verification process, this tool will check out each by every line.


Download Free Grammarly Tool:

Apart from the online checker, you can even download free Grammarly checker version.

Premium Version:

Beyond grammar verification, Grammarly checker also offers few premium tools such as plagiarism checker and vocabulary enhancement. Premium version results in exactly best content. Though plagiarism and vocabulary verification comes under premium version, you are not required to pay more than you expected. Within minimum costs, you can get the results.

Make Use of Plagiarism Checker:

Through plagiarism checker, you can check whether you have written unique content without the presence of any plagiarized content. Within few paisas, your plagiarism checker will be activated.

What Is The Use of Vocabulary Enhancement?

Vocabulary enhancement is to check whether you have written a meaningful content. Its premium version will verify each by each line to make it meaningful.

Comparison between Grammarly and Human Proof Reading:-

Though you find two alternative ways to check content as an online tool and human proofreading, you are said to be smart, while your choice goes to the Grammarly tool.

Through Grammarly checker, work from your side is simple. Within two steps, your content will be retrieved as error free. The human proofreading technique involves multiple steps to accomplish the process.

Pricing is a very important factor which differentiates Grammarly checker and proofreading. Through proofreading, you need to pay per word. While you use Grammarly checker, you no need to pay such.
It is more enough for you to pay totally per month.

Grammarly checker includes multiple options such as grammar, vocabulary, and plagiarism. You will not vocabulary option under human proofreading.

The Grammarly checker is an online tool, but human proofreading is achieved through professionals. This differentiates time to check content between human and Grammarly checker.

Grammarly Comparison –Free & Paid Version:

When you choose Grammarly checker, you will find out two versions.
They are,
  • Free Version
  • Paid Version

There are multiple differences between a free version and paid version. Still, quality is guaranteed with two versions of Grammarly checker; it is general to expect some differences between the free version and paid version.

Free Version:
  • With the free version, as it defines by name, there is no need to pay the cost for any checking.
  • The free version may retrieve you better content.
  • The steps to make use of a free version of Grammarly checker will vary.

Paid Version:
  • The paid version needs the user to pay some to check their content.
  • Paid version will retrieve you best content
  • Steps involved in paid version will vary

Grammarly Plans & Pricing:

Under Grammarly, you will find three kinds of subscriptions.
They are classified as follows,
  • Month payment
  • Quarter payment
  • Annual payment
This is designed for premium versions of the Grammarly checker. It includes more features such as grammar check, spelling check, style customization, vocabulary enhancement and etc. It does not offer lifetime plans.
  • In monthly subscription, you need to pay $29.25 USD/month.
  • In quarterly subscription, you need to pay $19.98/month.
  • In annual subscription, you need to pay $11.66/month.

Benefits of Continuous Membership:

Your subscription will be renewed at the rates stated on subscription page as you sign up until you cancel before the billing period arrives.

Payment Methods:

Grammarly checker is ready to accept any kinds of payment methods except Mastercard. They do not accept any personal checks, money orders or payments.

What Makes Grammarly Checker To Increase users Day By Day?

Grammarly checker is an automated proofreader used by students even those who pursue degrees at higher education institutions worldwide. They are using the Grammarly checker to fulfill their academic goals and to improve writing skills in essays, reports, thesis, and dissertations. It helps the student to post their content in Chicago style.

Apart from students, it also plays a vital role in professionals’ life by providing assistance and instant feedback with accurate English writing skill. It is having a vital role in areas such as health care, academic, marketing, technical and journalism. If you do not have time to access assistance from professional, just make use of Grammarly checker.

It is a powerful tool for a potential employee. In order to pass over any employers by eliminating mistakes in cover letter or resume, you can simply come to the Grammarly checker. Grammarly checker is a tool to give you unique identification through your content.

Conclusion or Final Points of Grammarly Checker:

Grammarly serves as an essential element for job searchers as it is able to help them by letting the content as errors-off. It gives good writing skills to human by delivering accuracy and professionalism in the work.

It has totally 3 million registered users. It is mainly due to the fact that users are going on increasing on Grammarly checker per day. It gives better impact on them. It is a better tool to improve their written skills.

You can sign-up into monthly, quarterly or annual plans to receive best results. In case, if you are not ready, try for Grammar for free. Anyways, with the application of Grammarly checker tool, you can submit the meaningful content.

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