25 Oct 2016

Happy Diwali 2016 Wishes & Greetings

Happy-Diwali-WishesDiwali or Deepawali  is the great Hindu festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated  in the Hindu month if Kartik which falls sometime during  the October or November month every year. This festival is celebrated in the significant of the victory of light over darkness , knowledge over ignorance & good over evil. This festival preparations & rituals typically extend over a five- day period. But the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartik in Bikram Sambat calendar. This festival starts with Dhanteras, followed by Naraka Chaturdasi on the second day, Diwali is on the third day, on the fourth day Diwali Padva dedicated to wife-husband relationship and this festival end with Bhai Dooj on the fifth day dedicated to sister-brother bond. 

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Diwali is celebrated by Hindus in the honor of Lord Rama because he came back to Ayodhya with his wife Sita & his brother Lakshmana after completed his 14 years exile & also he defeated Ravana . To honor Lord Rama, Sita & Lakshmana people celebrated their happiness by  illuminating diyas in their homes.

People clean their homes, shops & offices before Diwali. They paint their homes, shops & offices. People also adorn & renovate their homes, shops & offices. People also arrange their household things in apple pie order. People also decorate their houses with beautiful rangoli designs. Diwali is one of the biggest shopping seasons in India. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali people buy new clothes, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, new  furniture, jewelry, gold & silver coins of Goddess Lakshmi & lord Ganesha on Dhanteras. People prefer online shopping because nowadays life become so fast & people have no extra time to visit the market due to their busy schedule. So they prefer online shopping from their home by using the internet & also the product is delivered to their doorstep within two or three days. 

They wear new clothes on Diwali & in the evening time, they worship Goddess Lakshmi for the happiness & prosperity of the coming  year. Along with Goddess Lakshmi, they also worship Lord Ganesha & Goddess Saraswati. After prayers, people illuminate their houses with earthen lamps of desi ghee & candles. People also adorn  their house by fancy lights. On this, special or auspicious occasion people offers gifts & sweets & also organize get together with friends and relatives on the night of Diwali. with the feast of delicious food & sweets. People run fire crackers in the evening.

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