2 Nov 2016

List of Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines in the World

In modern age, you can find/search for almost anything and everything on the internet; be it an answer to a question, riddle or be it some information about a celebrity, politician or sportsman; be it information about some particular place, city, Country or of some product; be it a comparison between two or more entities. Everything is available on just one click. Did you ever wonder how it is possible to get all these information with fraction of seconds in such a simple way? You did. It is all possible because of “Search Engine”.

A Search Engine is a software or set of the program designed to search for the information on the internet. Search results are often presented in a line of results. The information can be a mix of images, web pages, and other types of files. You just need to type a word (keyword) through a search Engine and Search Engine will bring a list of queries/documents which include that particular Keyword which we have typed. This list will include information relevant to your searched keyword only. Or you can say, Search Engine will filter the information related to your search only. Today for many of us, Google has become a synonym for search engines. 


However, search engines are not limited to just Google only; as most of us think. There are a number of other search engines as well which provide the competitive results as Google. You must be having a little information about some of them, like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, Search.com etc. These would be the most famous ones known by most of us. However, these aren’t the only search engines available. You would be surprised to know that there are other several dozens of such search engines with a multi-billion user base throughout the world. Some of these are limited to a particular country, religion or to a purpose. 

Here, I am going to share a list of a few such search engines which according to me are amongst the Top 10 Most Popular or Famous Search Engines.

  1. Most Popular Search Engine: Google

  2. Most Popular Search Engine: Bing


  3. Most Popular Search Engine: Yahoo


  4. Most Popular Search Engine: Ask


  5. Most Popular Search Engine: DuckDuckGo


  6. Most Popular Search Engine: Aol


  7. Most Popular Search Engine: MyWebSearch


  8. Most Popular Search Engine: Wow

  9. Most Popular Search Engine: WebCrawler
  10. Most Popular Search Engine: Info

While there are so many different types of search engines, I have tried to include only the ones which follow a model of top search engines. While for any user this list certainly provides cool knowledge, it can also be used by the business for more productive purposes. I have tried my level best to bring the best list of these Top 10 search engines which are used mostly by users throughout the world.

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