15 Nov 2016

Ultimate List of Top 10 World's Largest Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is the most common name nowadays. Social Networking site is an online platform which we use to build a social relation with other people around the globe. We can use social networking sites to keep in touch with our families, friends, and relatives; we can also use these for our career opportunities, to promote our business etc. One can easily share/convey his/her message, experience etc. within anyone across the globe within fractions of seconds.


The social media networking sites have become the most common visited pages on the internet. It is important that you select the one which provides the best security to your personal information, represent your personality etc. While selecting a platform to connect with friends or family might need a little research on social networking sites. To save you from this headache, here is an Ultimate List of Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites used by people around the world as per the year 2016.

Name of the Social Networking Website: Facebook

Founders: Mark Zuckerberg
Founded: February 4, 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.


Facebook is world's most popular social media site, it has a great user base and mixed audience. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends, relative and others who work, study & live around them.

Best Social Media Website: Twitter

CEO: Jack Dorsey
Founded: 2006, San Francisco, California, United States.


Twitter is an online news & social media website that helps people to post updates of 140 characters i.e. called tweet. The user has also an option to post pictures and links in the short update.

Name of the Social Networking Website: Google+


Google Plus is a social media site own by Google. Google plus launched on 15th Dec. 2011. We have the option to follow friends, create & join Google plus communities, share content, images or videos.

Most Popular Social Media Platform: LinkedIn

Founders: Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke.
Founded: 2002, Mountain View, California, United States.

LinkedIn - Search Engine

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. It gives to create a professional profile for recruiters and job seekers. So recruiter & job seeker easily connect together.

Name of the Social Networking Website: Pinterest

Launched: March 2010
Founded: Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp.


Pinterest is social sharing website, gives the opportunity of business promotion and marketing to brands and businesses. Users can create board & shared pin (Images, description, links).

Name of the Social Media Website: Reddit

Founded: June 23, 2005, Medford, Massachusetts, United States.
Founders: Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman.


Reddit is a social forum website where users get in touch via discussions. It's a community which provides a platform for members to submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Anyone can create Reddit and other users have authority to give the vote up or down. Reddit also serves as a platform for businesses which have the option to promoting a Reddit.

Name of the Social Networking Website: YouTube

Founders: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim
Founded: February 14, 2005, California, United States.


YouTube is a video-sharing and social networking website. Users upload & share the video on YouTube with friends, family, and the world. Also, have the option to add tag & description.

Best Social Media Website: Tumblr


Social networking site Tumblr is also well-known blogging platform.
Tumblr is a  where users can write short, medium or long blogs. Other users may follow a person’s blog feed. Tumbler provides users with a sub-domain by your username.

Name of the Social Networking Website: Instagram

Instagram is an online image, video sharing, and social media site. It becoming so popular among youngsters. Users can easily upload image & short videos and share across the web. It's a mobile app and it has become popular among businesses.

Name of the Social Networking Website: StumbleUpon

Founded: 2001, Calgary, Canada.
Founders: Justin LaFrance, Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith.


StumbleUpon is the easiest way to find cool new websites, videos, photos and images from across the Web.

Although, choosing a social networking site may depend on various factors and your liking and disliking of different features, but it is never a bad idea to be active on more than one social media site. This list of top 10 social networking sites has been prepared based on the global popularity of a site, a number of active users, number of returning users and various other factors.

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