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2 Jun 2016

Lord Shiva's Highest Temple of Asia - The Jatoli Temple Solan

Jatoli temple, the temple of Lord Shiva, which is situated in district Solan of Himachal Pradesh  is the highest temple of Asia. Jatoli temple is situated on the Rajgarh road which is approximately 6Km from Solan. If you can visit via your own vehicle it will take 15-20 minutes from Solan and if you will travel via bus it will take the approximate half hour from Solan. This beautiful temple is surrounded by natural beauty. 

Jatoli Temple, Solan

This beautiful sanctuary place now becomes the major attraction of the tourists. The Jatoli temple took 39 years for the completion of its construction. This temple is architect  according to Indo  - Aryan's style. The tip of the temple is mostly designed with a Golden Kalash but in this temple, the top tower of the temple is round with a curvilinear outline which ends into a tip because it is constructed according to Indo-Aryan's style. Few modifications also have been done to give a touch of fusion of Southern Dravidian style. It is made up of three consecutive pyramids. On the first pyramid, you see the image of Lord Ganesha while on the second pyramid there is a statuary of Shesh Naag. As Jatoli temple is the highest temple in Asia. At the base of the platform of third sub-pyramid, you can see a Trishul distinctively on every side. Gods & Goddesses statues are fabricated along the front & lateral sides of the temple. The main pyramid is tallest amongst all pyramids and having a height of 111feet of the main pyramid . Thus, the main pyramid of the temple making the height of the temple is the highest and hence got the tag of the highest temple of Lord Shiva in Asia.
Jatoli Temple,Solan

It is one of the oldest & sacred places of Solan. Jatoli means long Jata (hairs) which further signifies the Jatas of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva visited this place & slept for a night here. Due to this belief, the temple has been constructed here. Three main parts of this temple are Lord Shiva's statue, A Shiv Ling and a little cave where Lord Shiva slept for one night. The Shiv Ling of this temple is very unique. Shiv ling is made up of glass like structures, which is housed in the silver structure which is comprising Vishnu Pitha & Braham Pitha. Glass Shiv ling is very unique & marvelous. A big statue of Nandi is lying in front of the temple.

Jatoli Shiv Temple - Nandi

There is a water tank called "Jal-Kund" in the northeast corner of the temple. The water of this "Jal-Kund"  is considered as pure as the water of Ganga river. It is believed that the water of this "Jal-Kund" has some medicinal qualities that cure skin diseases. Swami Krishnananda Paramhans Ji resided inside the cave of the temple. Jatoli temple is also popular for its annual fair which is organized on the occasion of Mahashivratri . A number of devotees gather in the temple to offer prayers.

In the Jatoli temple, you can see the combination of art, culture, reality and heritage. This place is very peaceful and beautiful surrounded by natural beauty. Once you would visit here you would feel inner peace here. Langar is also offered on every Sunday. In langar traditional local food is served which is prepared by Brahmin. So whenever you will visit Himachal  Pradesh must visit this holy place.