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4 Jun 2016

Best Tourist Place for Summer Vacation - Dharamshala

Dharamshala is the hill station in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is the district headquarter. Dharamshala is a beautiful place in the Himachal Pradesh surrounded by Dhauladhar mountains capped with the snow on the peak. There are dense forests of deodar trees, various streams & a pleasant weather in this place . The climate of Dharamshala is very pleasant throughout the year. It is 18Km from Kangra. It is the best place for holidays with family & friends. It is also one the best place  for a newlywed couple for their honeymoon. It is a very peaceful area with healthy air. The nearest airport is Gaggal airport which is 13Km from here. Bus services are also available from Delhi to Dharamshala.

Best Tourist Place Dharamshala

Dalai Lama Temple DharamshalaAt upper Dharamshala, there is the Dalai Lama’s residence which made this place the major tourist place. Mcleodganj is very popular place in  Dharamshala. A large number of Tibetan are residing here. There is Namgyal monastery of Tibetans in the Mcleodganj. In Mcleodganj people come to study about Tibetan Buddhism, culture & crafts. You can also enjoy here Tibetans handicrafts, garments, carpets & other memoranda.

There are so many sight-seeing in the Dharamshala. Here you can enjoy trekking , paragliding & ice-skating. For trekking, Triund is the best place and it also called jewel of Dharamshala. It's  9km from Mcleodganj. It is one day trek. There are so many sight-seeing ranges  from temples, ancient towns, churches,  museum and much natural beauty place. Kotwali bazaar is the main bazaar of Dharamshala. In the Kangra museum, you can enjoy the famous paintings, a collection of sculptures, pottery, and many anthropological items. Costumes & shamianas used by local royalty, old carved doors, jails, lintels & pandals are also on display coins & ornaments. There is also a section house the work of contemporary artists, sculptures & photography. 

Paragliding Place Dharamshala - Indru Nag

Dal lake the main attraction of Dharamshala. It is 11Km from Dharamshala. Dal lake spread across 1Square Km area surrounded by deodar trees. It is one of the major picnic spots. Kali temple is situated on the bank of the lake which is famous for its annual fair.

Dharamshala Cricket stadiumStadium of Dharamshala is the International cricket stadium. Where many international & IPL matches are played. It is one of the most attractive Stadium of India. From this Stadium, you can easily view the Dhauladhar mountains covered with snow.

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Chinmaya Tapovan is an ashram complex established by Late Swami Chinmayananda , who was a noted exponent of the Gita. In the complex, there is a magnificent temple of Rama, a meditation hall , 9meter high image of Lord Hanuman, a school, and a recreation center.

From Dharamshala, you can also visit the Brijeshwari temple, Jawalamukhi temple, Chamunda temple & Bhagsu Nath temple.

Dharamshala War MemorialThere is a war memorial at the start of the town which is a great tribute to the soldiers who had lost their lives during World war. This place is very beautiful full of greenery. This place is very well maintained covered with pine trees. This memorial is also a very beautiful picnic spot for family & friends. There is a black marvel panel in which the name of the soldiers has been written who had lost their lives during the world war.

Summer is the best season to visit this beautiful place.  This place is full of greenery, deodar & pine trees, various natural streams & Dhauladhar mountains. So , if you want to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place then you must have to visit this place. In the winter, the temperature of this place is at its freezing point. For the winter season, there is a need of heavy woolen. 

Dharamshala Monastery

So, summer is the best time to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place & pleasant weather. This is a very peaceful place so that you can also feel inner peace here. 

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2 Jun 2016

Lord Shiva's Highest Temple of Asia - The Jatoli Temple Solan

Jatoli temple, the temple of Lord Shiva, which is situated in district Solan of Himachal Pradesh  is the highest temple of Asia. Jatoli temple is situated on the Rajgarh road which is approximately 6Km from Solan. If you can visit via your own vehicle it will take 15-20 minutes from Solan and if you will travel via bus it will take the approximate half hour from Solan. This beautiful temple is surrounded by natural beauty. 

Jatoli Temple, Solan

This beautiful sanctuary place now becomes the major attraction of the tourists. The Jatoli temple took 39 years for the completion of its construction. This temple is architect  according to Indo  - Aryan's style. The tip of the temple is mostly designed with a Golden Kalash but in this temple, the top tower of the temple is round with a curvilinear outline which ends into a tip because it is constructed according to Indo-Aryan's style. Few modifications also have been done to give a touch of fusion of Southern Dravidian style. It is made up of three consecutive pyramids. On the first pyramid, you see the image of Lord Ganesha while on the second pyramid there is a statuary of Shesh Naag. As Jatoli temple is the highest temple in Asia. At the base of the platform of third sub-pyramid, you can see a Trishul distinctively on every side. Gods & Goddesses statues are fabricated along the front & lateral sides of the temple. The main pyramid is tallest amongst all pyramids and having a height of 111feet of the main pyramid . Thus, the main pyramid of the temple making the height of the temple is the highest and hence got the tag of the highest temple of Lord Shiva in Asia.
Jatoli Temple,Solan

It is one of the oldest & sacred places of Solan. Jatoli means long Jata (hairs) which further signifies the Jatas of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva visited this place & slept for a night here. Due to this belief, the temple has been constructed here. Three main parts of this temple are Lord Shiva's statue, A Shiv Ling and a little cave where Lord Shiva slept for one night. The Shiv Ling of this temple is very unique. Shiv ling is made up of glass like structures, which is housed in the silver structure which is comprising Vishnu Pitha & Braham Pitha. Glass Shiv ling is very unique & marvelous. A big statue of Nandi is lying in front of the temple.

Jatoli Shiv Temple - Nandi

There is a water tank called "Jal-Kund" in the northeast corner of the temple. The water of this "Jal-Kund"  is considered as pure as the water of Ganga river. It is believed that the water of this "Jal-Kund" has some medicinal qualities that cure skin diseases. Swami Krishnananda Paramhans Ji resided inside the cave of the temple. Jatoli temple is also popular for its annual fair which is organized on the occasion of Mahashivratri . A number of devotees gather in the temple to offer prayers.

In the Jatoli temple, you can see the combination of art, culture, reality and heritage. This place is very peaceful and beautiful surrounded by natural beauty. Once you would visit here you would feel inner peace here. Langar is also offered on every Sunday. In langar traditional local food is served which is prepared by Brahmin. So whenever you will visit Himachal  Pradesh must visit this holy place.    

27 May 2016

BOMBAY PICNIC SPOT - Best Place to Spend Weekend with Families & Friends

Bombay Picnic Spot is one of the most beautiful picnic spot in the lap of nature along with a restaurant, hotel, garden & amusement park. It is situated in Una district of Himachal Pradesh on the national highway road of Chandigarh & Dharamshala. It is approximate 3.5Kms away from nearby town Mubarakpur & 16Kms before Mata Chintapurni Ji Temple. This beautiful place is full of greenery. It's a very peaceful area with a very pleasant weather. The restaurant of Bombay Picnic Spot is pure vegetarian, so it's a good choice for vegetarian people and they enjoy the whole food. This place is full of natural beauty. They provide free parking for all customer's vehicles so you haven't need to pay extra money for parking. The parking capacity is more than 100 vehicles.

Alcohol & Hard drinks are strictly prohibited in the entire area of the campus. They charge very reasonable prices so everyone can afford it, so don't worry about your pocket. You can enjoy everything either it is eatables, beverages or rides. Management of this place is very best at every point. They pay full attention to the guests who visit this picnic spot. Family parties & get-together are organized here in a very well manner & very competitive prices. So everyone can enjoy with their families and they provide special arrangements for school tours, group tours & college tours.
If you love rides & boating then it's a good place for you. Picnic spot is specially created for every age group. Fun park is especially very amazing for kids. In the fun park, kids & families can enjoy the many games such as marry cup, Columbus swinger, baby train and gun shooting. Tourists enjoyed their whole outing, the climate of this place is very pleasant.

Garden of this place is very fantastic full of greenery where one can feel relax with families & friends. Benches are provided in all the surrounding  of the garden for sitting. Kids enjoy the fun & very playful  with their mates in this picnic spot’s garden, which is very rare for kids in today’s modern lives. Instead of children their family members also feel relaxed here in the lush of greenery. People can also bring their own eatables here.


The restaurant of this place is very well organized with proper sitting arrangement. Meals provided here is pure vegetarian because this spot is on the way towards such holy places like Chintapurni Ji  & Jawala Ji. The restaurant area is very neat & clean. The food prepared here in the vegetable oil. For the milk items, cow’s milk is used here. The special arrangement provided for the parties. Buffet is also here @ RS99+vat, fast food is not available in buffet service.  If you are fast food lover then you can order it individual because it available in this restaurant but not in the buffet. The food prepared here is very fresh & hygienical. Snacks , soft drinks , sweet dishes also available here. And if you would not eat outside food then you have the option to bring your own food, there is no restriction for this. For parties, advance bookings are done for special arrangements. Minimum time for the preparation of the food which we have  ordered is 15mins. The staff members pay full attention to the guests and provide them very good services. For all the food items are charged with @5% VAT service. Parties can be organized in the garden or shed according to the season.
Many sight-seeing can be enjoyed nearer to this picnic place. Many holy places such as Mata Chintapurni Ji, Mata Jawala Ji, Mata Chamunda Devi & Mata  Brijeshwari  are nearer from this beautiful picnic spot. Dharamshala is one of the major attraction of Himachal Pradesh can be visited from this place. 

So people who will visit the Himachal Pradesh please don’t forget to visit this beautiful picnic spot which is on the national highway of Chandigarh to Dharamshala  in Una district . Once who visit this place I surely say that they have a very wonderful &  amazing experience in the lap of nature with a good quality restaurant, garden & rides.

To know more detail about Bombay Picnic Spot, then visit their official site here: