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28 Nov 2016

10 Most Popular Bollywood Villains of All Time

In Bollywood, a movie can't be completed without a worthy opponent to our hero. These worthy opponents so called as Villains are mean, bad, scary yet talented one. Think about villains and the first thing that comes to our minds are angry, stubborn looking men. Villains are the backbone of every Bollywood movie. They are being hated and loved at the same time for their acting skills in the movie.

Here is the list of the most fearsome villains of Bollywood who ruled the industry in 90's.
List of Top 10 Most Fearsome Male Villains of Bollywood
Most Popular Top 10 Villains of Bollywood

#1. Pran


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#2. Prem Chopra


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#3. Amrish Puri


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#4. Amjad Khan


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#5. Danny Denzongpa


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#6. Ajit Khan


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#7. Ranjeet


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#8. Gulshan Grover

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#9. Shakti Kapoor


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#10. Paresh Rawal


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I hope you will find this list entertaining and knowledgeable. These villains ruled the industry in 90's. The dirtier the dialogues, the more real they got and left a lasting impression on viewer's mind. This list is entirely based on my views as per their acting skills.

Please do let us know if you want to have some other names included in this list. Don't forget to provide your valuable feedback through comments so we can keep on improving. Do share this post on social media without any hesitation.